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We specialize in Threading, why?

Everyone loves their eyebrows and we believe that our high skilled “Threading Artists” will shape your eyebrows to suit your looks. We use the ancient art and most natural technique of Threading to shape eyebrows into perfect arches, enhancing beauty of your eyes and hence yours.


Threading is a hair removal technique that uses a cotton thread.

Eyelash Extensions

Your eyes are the first thing people see when looking at you


For over five thousand years Henna has been a symbol of good luck


Tinting is a procedure that temporarily tints brows

We use products of the best brands only

Variety of Services

Threading gives perfect arch and shape for your eyebrows as we have complete control over the hairs we remove. We offer a variety of services with the use of threading including removal of hair from face, chin, upper lip, lower lip etc. We also specialize in Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting, Henna Tattoo and Eyelash Extensions.

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Indian Head Massage can be used for physical harmony, healing, vitality and mainly relaxation. No wonder it’s becoming so popular on the Gold Coast at Elegant Eyebrows. See us for an Indian head massage to release the stress that has built up in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders.

Massages Relaxation 60 min $75
Massages Relaxation 30 min $45
Massages Indian Head 30 min $40
Massages Indian Head 15 min $25
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If you have experienced this technique elsewhere, or you are first timer – we recommend you must visit one of our stores in any of the locations nationally. We operate under different names but guarantee of our The best service and customer satisfaction at all the sites.

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