We TRULY APPRECIATE all of the love and supportive messages so many of you have sent our way during our 2 months of shutdown! Words cannot express what it has meant to us, lifting us out of hopelessness and giving us sparks of light that we can and will get through the other side of this. Rest assured, safety is our #1 priority! we will ensure all COVID safety guidelines are met as per the government guidelines. After all, we want to keep our families safe too…

*If you have a special health condition and/or still feel uncomfortable, we completely understand and recommend that you wait until you do feel safe to come in.

Please note the following very important changes:

  1. Ensure to check in using NSW GOVERNMENT QR CODE displayed at the reception.
  2. We avoid taking cash so any digital form of payment or card payment is welcome
  3. List of current services: None of our services are affected due to COVID
  4. Everyone will be required to wear a face-covering (nose AND mouth) at all times, except when we need to access your hair/skin beneath. If you need to speak while your mask is off, we ask that you put your mask back on before doing so. We appreciate your cooperation in advance. Our staff will be double-masked in addition to wearing face/eye shields. (We strongly recommend to follow updated guide lines from local government health authorities time to time)
  5. Daily temperature checks/logs and self-assessments for each staff and client. Clients will be asked for their town of residence and contact numbers for contact tracing at check-in.
  6. Our waiting area will be re-designed with safe distancing guide lines from Government and only persons receiving a service will be allowed inside the service room.
  7. Walk-ins are always welcome but space may be more limited.  For this reason, we recommend making appointments when possible.
  8. And finally, we ask that you please be patient with us as we are also navigating a new COVID normalcy routine. It may take us extra time to do usual things and we may need to take more outside breathing breaks than usual.

We are super excited to see you all soon!


Elegant Eyebrows NSW Pty Ltd

We have luxurious, ultra-hygienic and well appointed rooms with the worlds finest skin care and make-up products. The emphasis at Shahnaz Beauty Salon is on providing quality service with comfort touching upon a range of offerings from Eyebrow Threading to facials, Waxing, Henna Tattoo, Bridal Make-up, eyelash extensions etc.