Soonnu and Eric, moved with their two-beautiful daughter to Sunny Gold Coast from Beautiful New Zealand and called Australia their new home.

Soonnu being qualified beautician from NZ, started realizing need of good and chemical free technique of Eyebrows shaping by professionally qualified team of beauticians who are experienced and can understand the shape for different eyes and face. There were many shops available offering these services but initial survey by asking few of the ladies show that they are either happy, or unhappy with their shape. They were not explained properly what to expect from this, will there be any pain, what product they were going to use etc. etc. Most of them preferred to have such salon in the mall so that they don’t have to look around and waste their time.

Eric being entrepreneur and knows how to run the business smartly, agreed with the fact that such services in mall will definitely help ladies to use it conveniently. With this thought, husband and wife started looking for the mall who were ready to accept this as a unique beauty service and they were successful to break through with their first shop in Gold Coast in 2013.

Since then, they have many shops in various locations and decided to reach out New South Wales. Where they joined hands with their family friends and very friendly couple Sonal and Deepesh, who moved from NZ as well to Sydney to make Australia their new home.

Sonal is health professional with enough experience with natural and herbal product and remedy whereas Deepesh being professional management consultant and entrepreneur as well, started their first shop in Erina near Gosford in Central Coast one hour north of Sydney.

All four of them with their experience in various fields makes a good team and are managing these businesses in the state of QLD, NSW and Victoria for now.


Elegant Eyebrows NSW Pty Ltd

We have luxurious, ultra-hygienic and well appointed rooms with the worlds finest skin care and make-up products. The emphasis at Shahnaz Beauty Salon is on providing quality service with comfort touching upon a range of offerings from Eyebrow Threading to facials, Waxing, Henna Tattoo, Bridal Make-up, eyelash extensions etc.